Is there a blackout period?

Yes. There is no outside communication for at least three months. Then, depending on behavior and program compliance, a student may be allowed to begin communicating with “parents only” via monthly phone calls and letters. Over time, immediate and extended family members are included.

What are the guidelines for writing?

All mail is screened by trained staff; any inappropriate mail will be returned. Initially, students are only allowed to receive mail from parents. Over time mail to and from immediate and extended family members is allowed. Students are not allowed to receive mail from jails, penitentiaries and/or other treatment programs.

How do phone privileges work?

After the blackout period monthly phone calls are permitted to parents only. Over time, depending on behavior and program compliance, phone privileges include immediate and extended family members.

Prospective Student


  • Men, 18 years or older
  • No prescribed medications permitted
  • No sex offenders
  • No arsonists
  • Mentally and physically capable of working in a farm setting
  • Motivated to make a two-year commitment

Interview Process

  • Interviewees are invited to apply in person
  • If locally incarcerated, write a letter requesting an interview
  • If not local, call to schedule a telephone interview

What should I bring to Red Barn Academy

  • Applicants/Students need not bring anything with them to Red Barn Academy other than picture identification, if available.
  • All clothing, personal hygiene and other necessities are provided by Red Barn Academy.
  • All clothing/personal items that are brought to the facility will either be donated or thrown away.