Student Highlight

Logan Child

Logan was born in Ogden, Utah but grew up in Idaho for the majority of his childhood.
Logan was raised in an LDS household with his two sisters and two brothers.
In Idaho, Logan was a popular kid, a star at his school and a three sport athlete. He
played football, basketball, and baseball. He fell in love with baseball and wanted to
pursue playing in college with goals of going to ASU.

When he was a sophomore in high
school, his family moved back to Utah where he finished his high school career.
After leaving his high school in Idaho, Logan was searching for a new crowd to fit into at
his new school in Utah. He found a crowd that gave him the same feeling of popularity,
but at a higher cost. This crowd revolved around drinking and it led Logan down a
slippery slope. As he began drinking more, his attendance at school suffered which held
Logan back from being eligible to try out for any athletics. Without baseball, Logan fell
deeper into drinking.
He graduated from high school but no longer pursued his dream of ASU and playing
college ball. His addiction had progressed from alcohol to marijuana which shifted to
cocaine until he tried and got hooked on methamphetamines by the time he was 24.
During this time, Logan became a father to two little boys and a husband but divorced
shortly after in 2015. As his life continued to fall off track, he was sentenced to a year in
jail with an early release to a program after serving 6 months in jail.
In 2020, Logan was facing felony charges that would have landed him 6 consecutive
sentences of a maximum 15 year sentence with each term. Given the choice of that or a
successful completion of Red Barn Academy’s two year commitment, Logan knew what
his decision was going to be.
Logan has reinvented his life and spent his time at Red Barn putting in the work as a
student being involved as a crew lead of the moving company. His two boys were his
fighting “why” during his journey along with the support of all the mentors at Red Barn.
He has not looked back since and would not be where he is today without the help that
came from Red Barn Academy. His faith is stronger now more than ever and his biggest
motivations are his sons.

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