Student Highlight

Justice Tiedermann

My name is Justice Tiedermann and I am proud to say that I am a senior student here at Red Barn Academy and committed to third year. However, the pride and confidence I feel about myself did not always exist. This came from falling and getting up, time and time again. When I first got to Red Barn Academy the sneaky manipulator in me still wanted to hold on to “that lifestyle”. I would cheat and lie to our Director that I was doing fine but all the while bottling up anger to the point where I punched holes in the walls. Then the clean up happened. Mike, our Director, was contemplating kicking me out and starting over with a fresh batch of men who truly had the desire to change. My alternative was 5 years in prison. Having to face this fact was heart wrenching for me because I didn’t want to let my family or myself down. I decided that night that I was going to just do the next right thing and work hard. I prayed to God that Mike would have a change of heart and let me stay. Well, he did.  I realized during these initial tough moments at Red Barn Academy that the sneaky behavior is what had landed me in and out of the criminal justice system for the majority of my adult life. I’m happy to say that since June 14th 2018 I have worked hard to move past “that lifestyle”.  This paradigm shift has allowed me to build continuity of doing the next right thing. Despite the hard days that I’ve experienced the love I have for myself and those around me has kept me here and kept me fighting.
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