Ethan Jensen

Ethan’s journey began in Davis County as the eldest sibling in his family. Homeschooled through elementary school, he excelled academically but struggled socially, finding solace in music and art.

In high school, Ethan’s path took a challenging turn. He started experimenting with drugs and alcohol, seeking connections in harmful places. His grades started to slip, and he started the first of many encounters with the criminal justice system. After graduating from Davis High in 2014 and a brief attempt at college at Weber State University, Ethan’s life spiraled further into substance abuse, eventually leading to Federal felony charges at age 21.

Ethan had a pivotal decision to make when faced with the consequences of his actions. In 2021, he contacted Red Barn Academy, seeking a fresh start. What began as a means to avoid prison became a life-changing journey. Over two years, Ethan found a sense of purpose, passion, and peace. He started mending his family relationships and rebuilding the bridges he burnt. Falling in love with personal growth and reinvention, Ethan opted to stay another year to continue becoming the man he knew he could be and provide hope and inspiration to the younger students.

Ethan held several leadership roles at Red Barn Academy, including Red Barn Movers Crew Lead, Corporate Development Manager, and House Manager. Now, in this third year, Ethan is the marketing manager, pursuing an education in graphic design and marketing. Ethan’s journey of whole-person change is not over yet. He is incredibly grateful for the opportunities that Red Barn has presented him.

A vital part of my recovery

“I have been attending activities and many other groups at Red Barn Farms for almost 2 years. This has been a vital part of my recovery and the amazing life I now enjoy. Amazing staff that are always willing to help in any way possible. Thanks for being a part of my recovery.”

- Sue Jones

Truly does save lives and families

“Red Barn Farms and Red Barn Academy is a great example of a therapeutic community that truly does save lives and families. I have several family members who struggle with substance abuse issues, and lost my sister to a drug overdose last year. This is the first program I have seen that offers the right support people need to recover. As a community, we need to bind together to support their efforts so that they can expand and serve more men and women who deserve the opportunity to be their best self and for their families to be whole.”

- Marcie V.

One of THE Best Recovery programs

“One of THE Best Recovery programs out there! Love this place and all the amazing work they do and LIVES they SAVE!”

- Lucky H.