January 31, 2024 |

Brad Bingham

Brad Bingham is the eldest of four siblings. Growing up, he was raised in a stable and nurturing household by his parents, Van and Tami Bingham, who provided him with everything he needed and more. His early years were spent in the quiet farming community of Corinne, Utah. This environment instilled in him the principles of hard work and honesty. As a teenager, Brad had a variety of interests, including hunting, dirt bike riding, and all things related to computers.

However, as he entered his teenage years, Brad had intense feelings of insecurity and social anxiety. At the age of 16, he turned to alcohol as a way to cope with those pressures. This coping mechanism escalated, leading him to experiment with prescription pills by the time he turned 18. Unfortunately, this experimentation quickly evolved into a full-blown addiction that persisted for over 15 years. Throughout this period, Brad damaged numerous relationships and friendships, causing a lot of guilt and heartache within himself.

In March of 2020, Brad faced a turning point when he found himself incarcerated, again. He was potentially facing more than 15 years in prison. Therefore, he was motivated for change and a better future. He realized he wanted more from his life than the unfulfilling pattern of drugs, crime, and incarceration into which he had fallen. Faced with the prospect of prison, he sought help from the Red Barn Academy, recognizing that it was not only what he wanted, but what he truly needed.

On September 21st, 2020, Brad began his journey at the Red Barn Academy, which marked the start of a remarkable transformation. During his time, he underwent a profound personal journey of growth that enabled him to rediscover self-love and mend his relationships with his family in a healthy and constructive way.

After being a student of the Red Barn Academy for a little over 2 years, Brad’s perseverance paid off. He was offered a Staff in Training position as the IT Manager for the Red Barn. On July 1st, 2023, Brad achieved his aspiration of becoming a full-time staff member for Red Barn Farms. This achievement not only marked a significant milestone in Brad’s personal journey but also highlighted his resilience and determination in overcoming his past struggles.

A vital part of my recovery

“I have been attending activities and many other groups at Red Barn Farms for almost 2 years. This has been a vital part of my recovery and the amazing life I now enjoy. Amazing staff that are always willing to help in any way possible. Thanks for being a part of my recovery.”

- Sue Jones

Truly does save lives and families

“Red Barn Farms and Red Barn Academy is a great example of a therapeutic community that truly does save lives and families. I have several family members who struggle with substance abuse issues, and lost my sister to a drug overdose last year. This is the first program I have seen that offers the right support people need to recover. As a community, we need to bind together to support their efforts so that they can expand and serve more men and women who deserve the opportunity to be their best self and for their families to be whole.”

- Marcie V.

One of THE Best Recovery programs

“One of THE Best Recovery programs out there! Love this place and all the amazing work they do and LIVES they SAVE!”

- Lucky H.