What We Do

Red Barn Academy is a therapeutic community

RED BARN ACADEMY is a therapeutic community for substance abusers and behavioral change. A therapeutic community is based on the concept of mutual self-help. The motto at RED BARN ACADEMY is “each one, teach one.” Everyone in our community has gifts and knowledge to share; we can learn and improve together. A therapeutic community is a residential treatment model with increased responsibility and independence. RED BARN ACADEMY is a highly structured organization run by staff and current students (“Peers”).

RED BARN ACADEMY assists students in changing their negative attitudes and behaviors by promoting personal development through a variety of programs. Key elements of the program include vocational training, education, communication, peer groups, and leadership training, job-readiness, and continuing care services. RED BARN ACADEMY students learn life and work skills that enable them to live successful, sober lives.

RED BARN ACADEMY’s core values are honesty, integrity, courage, commitment, and community. We believe that honesty is essential for personal and communal integrity, accountability, and trust. Courage is important for change, standing up and doing the right thing, taking chances, accepting challenges, and learning from our mistakes. Commitment gives us hope and discipline. Our commitment supports our belief in ourselves, each other, and our community. Our community allows us to work and support one another. We learn together to be compassionate and reliable.

Each Student, upon entering the program, receives a manual and orientation that outline the elements of the program that affect all students such as passing information, contracts/hours, and awakenings/games. Later sessions address specific levels of the program related to Interns, Freshmen, Residents, Workouts, Graduates and the various leadership roles. The manual concludes with the policies and procedures for mail, telephone calls, clothing, and visits (in-house and home).